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What do you prefer to hunt???

Which do you prefer to hunt?

For me, nothing gets me fired up like a giant old Mule Deer. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy hunting other species but for some reason nothing else compares.

Whitetail deer have always been fun to hunt because I usually get to hunt with my Uncle and my cousins. It is a low pressure hunt that we can do some glassing from the truck and short hikes on old logging roads to clear cuts that are off the main trails. When the sun goes down we head back to my Uncle's house and my aunt always has a meal and a cold beer ready for us. This is a low pressure hunt with good conversation, family and friends.

Elk hunting and elk camp is definitely growing on me . This hunt is usually a camp at the trail head with campers, wall tents and several friends. We always eat well, have a few spirits and enjoy the comradery with good friends. Long hikes and/or horse back rides into the back country. Elk are big animals though and it is a lot more fun if you have a friend to share the excitement and work with.

Mule Deer hunting is a whole different ball game for me. Mule deer hunting is heavy back packs, long hikes to the divide, solitude and breathtaking views. The sunrise and sunsets are always more intense when you are at the top of the mountain (so is the tinnitus). There is no place that I would rather be in September, sitting on a cliff edge at my favorite vantage point glassing up mule deer. I have often wondered why I love hunting mule deer so much. Is it because they are considered to be one of the hardest species to take a mature animal? Is it because all the hard work getting into their habitat and getting them out on your back? Maybe it is as simple as, they live where I prefer to be.

No matter what the target is, I am always thankful for all the time on the mountain with family, with friends and even alone.

Clay L. Allen

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