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I have failed. How do I overcome it?

Okay so you have failed. You’ve missed your mark and are now sitting in despair. What next? You know you want to do better and be better next time but how do you do that when you’ve already failed at it?

Failure is not final! We all fail. Failure is a good thing. It gives us an option. We can choose to say, “Yeah I tried and I guess I’m not cut out for it.” Or we can make a mental decision to overcome it! If you aren’t failing your first time then maybe we aren’t being real with yourself and challenging yourself enough! Overcoming failure involves a lot of self reflection. So where do we start?!

First we have to reflect on our goals, which would mean we have to set some first but we will save that for another time. What did you accomplish and what didn’t you. Be real with yourself. Be down right harsh on yourself. Why would I say that? Well because it’s very likely that you ended up in this position because you were too easy on yourself and let your mental game slide. You came up with excuses. “Its raining outside so I don’t think I will run today. I will make it up next week”. “This one slice of pizza isn’t going to hurt my diet. I will eat extra healthy tomorrow.” When we go easy on ourselves during our process we give up something important. By skipping the steps required to meet your goals, you are taking small slices of your mental game away and teaching yourself that it’s okay to fudge the numbers. Remember back to when you did that and address them and marinate on what moment you steered away from your prize. Once you have found that moment take a stand and tell yourself that you refuse to let that happen again. You refuse to do that to yourself! Say it out loud! Write it down and put it somewhere you will see it every day. I WILL NOT QUIT ON MYSELF!

Now that you have addressed the areas that you went wrong that ultimately led to your demise and made a stand to never let that happen again. Tell yourself that what happened was not okay, but this is NOT FINAL. FAILURE IS NOT FINAL. It can be...if you choose. We are talking about making a choice to overcome our failures. Overcoming isn’t, “I will do better next time.” Overcoming is being victorious. It is the stuff of champions. You have set goals that you didn’t reach. Don’t brush that off. Make it important for you to find those weaknesses and be triumphant over them. You will be given an opportunity to do it again. Yes you might have lost your opportunity at that specific job or that specific Buck this year or this season, but you are then faced with a choice of what to do next. If the moment requires you to reassess and reset your goals do so. But these tempting moments of mental weakness will be back no matter what is next for you. Now that you have remembered how bad that hurt to miss your mark and have reflected on where you strayed from the path, the next time that moment comes up a Light switch will go off. You will know hey this is me being weak. I have a choice. I know what one choice leads to. I will push on. I won’t give up I won’t be a quitter. I won’t go easy. There will be moments along your journey to your goal that will not be fun. A lot of the process sucks! But in the end after you have been refined and you reach your goal you can say, “Failure is not final!”

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