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EP 10 | ‘Pack Goats And Wild Sheep’ With Justin and Desarae Starck

In this episode we speak with Justin and Desarae Starck about pack goats and the trials we are facing having forest areas shut down to pack goats entering. The shut downs are due to a scare of infection to wild sheep. We discuss some facts and science behind the matter, responsible packing and ways to move forward. This is a controversial issue that is surrounded by misinformation and unheard facts. Desarae is the secretary of the North American Pack Goat Association (NAPGA). We talk about what they do and how we can help them fight for our rights and take issues head on. We acknowledge that some of the views expressed in the podcast are factual some are simply opinions. Whether you pack with goats, are interested in doing so or have no interest at all, we think you will find this episode interesting and informative. You can find Desarae on Instagram @desaraestarck and Justin @justin_starck if you would like to support North American Pack Goat Association, go to https://www.napga.org/ and be sure to find them on Facebook and join the discussion group! For Wyld gear check out https://www.thewyldcompany.com/shop

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