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Altitude outdoors podcast

We have done another podcast. This time the guys at Altitude Outdoors invited Braxton and Storie on to the podcast to interview them about their tips and tactics on mountain mule deer hunting. This is a great listen and there are plenty of tips to help the next guy go about scouting and hunting the elusive mountain mule deer. Topics discussed include, hunting as a team and the successes that come from it, pre-scouting, scouting, shooting, pack stock (pack goats), entering "hunt mode" and much more. Don't miss this one! Don't forget to go check out altitudeoutdoors.com

Listen to the podcast at this link.


or go to it through their website here.


Storie and Brax the day before Wyoming Rifle opener 2018

Storie and Brax with Braxton's 2018 high country archer buck.
Hunting as a team proves to be a successful way to bring home good trophies and lasting friendships.

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